The Vision behind LLL

  • To develop. equip, and mold new leaders (men and women) and to further aid those who are already active in service.
  • To give a taste for renewal, wider perspectives, and training. So that everyone does their job to the best of their ability and in doing so improves their Kingdom service.

The foundations of LLL

  • To develop and equip new leaders who have a genuine ministry that encompasses the renewal, development, and mentorship of Christian churches and leaders.
  • To create ministry that is committed to serve the whole body of Christ independent of respective denominations. We work with all who seek to make Jesus know through their lives and preaching of God’s word
  • To pray for, and over, our leaders so “they can finish well in their ministries” and develop their full potential according to God’s gifts for successful ministry.

LLL studies and reflects upon leadership from the:

  • Biblical Perspective
  • Historical Perspective
  • Contemporary Perspective

The object is to understand how God shapes and develop us as leaders throughout our lives.

LLL and Leadership Emergency Theory

  • Throughout LLL we use Dr Clinton’s formula for leadership: “Leadership Emergency Theory” and his general guidelines for leadership studies. Dr Clinton has spent over 25 years of his life in this one field.
  • Dr J Robert Clinton’s formula for leadership ”Leadership Emergence Theory” presents knowledge, principles, and values from empirical and comparative studies in biblical, historical, and modern leadership.

Insights from Dr Clinton’s theory include:

  • There are around 1000 leaders mentioned in the Bible.
  • We have enough information to complete a comparative and empirical study of 100 of these 1000.
  • We can conclude that one in three of these 100 had a ”good finish” to their service
  • So far we have studied around 2500 leaders and their lives. The number increases every year.
  • LLL is now available in Sweden.